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At Sorella Hair and Beauty Studio we understand that your hair makes one of the biggest impacts when it comes to self-confidence.  We absolutely love that our craft helps our clients feel good about themselves, and we understand that individuality is an important factor in finding a professional edge or simply just expressing yourself.   We believe that when your hair is healthy, you are healthy.  When your hair shines, so do you.  This is why we are passionate about sharing the knowledge and teaching our clients the best way to look good in a busy lifestyle and how to maintain healthy hair with minimal fuss.  We customise our advice for individual needs because just as there are no two identical people, neither is our advice.  So if you appreciate a tailored service please see us and let us impress!

"The truth is, I cut my hair for freedom,

not for beauty."


Our hairdressers can recommend a hair cut that will suit both your face shape and lifestyle.  W e can also coach you on how to maintain your salon hair at home.

Style cuts...

Socialise in style with unique and tailored ‍‍‍up styles for any occasion.  Whether you need a conservative presentation or want to demand instant attention, up-styling is an ef‍‍‍fective way to create a lasting impression and make precious memories.


Let your hair reflect your personality!  Bright fashion colours can be an effective way to make that change that is as good as a holiday.  Feel fresh and reset today and make your hair look great in the process.

Fashion colours...

‍‍‍‍‍‍Turn flat to volume instantly with a perm that la‍‍‍sts up to three months.  Perms are a great way to crea‍‍‍te a fashionable look that will demand attention.  


Express yourself and be stylish.

Upstyle n‍‍‍ow.

Make a


Look your best

on your spe‍‍‍cial day.

At Sorella Hair & Beauty Studio we understand how important a mile stone marrying the one you love is.  We also appreciate that each woman is unique unto herself.  That is why we tailor-make Bridal Party Hair & Beauty Packages to suit your unique needs.  Ask us about our consultation process that helps us discover what is important to you, how you want to look and feel, and any special requirements that may need to be negotiated, so that we can create the perfect Bridal Party Hair & Beauty Package for you.  Your makeup and nails can be perfect on your perfect day with Sorella Hair & Beauty Studio.‍‍‍‍‍‍

Hair & Beauty Packages

Have your hair & makeup enhance ‍‍‍your natural beauty.



custom tai‍‍‍lored for you ...

If you are time poor but love the blonde look then Balayage and Ombre is for you!  We execute this unique colouring technique that starts dark and ends light, and if you choose a colour close to your natural hair we can even reduce the impact of regrowth.

Balayage & Ombre...

‍‍‍Control your unruly curly hair with a permanent solution.  Permanent straightening literally grows out so take the fuss out of uncontrollable hair for good.  Come in and talk to us to find out how permanent hair straitening could work for you.

Permanent straightening...

Extend your short hair to long and learn how to look after it so that is stays feeling soft and luscious.  We are passionate about ensuring that your extensions look as natural as your real hair so that no one would ever guess.

Hair extensions...

‍‍‍Whether you want short back and sides or the latest texture cut, we can help you keep your hair looking g‍‍‍reat and easily managed.  Offering fading, beard trims and shapes plus so much more you will feel comfortable and relaxed as we take care of business.  And don’t forget to indulge in a head massage and shampoo at the basins!

Just‍‍‍ for men...

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